Building Permits

Building inspection services for the Town of Erin Prairie are provided by Todd M. Dolan, owner of All Croix Inspections, LLC. If a building permit is needed for a new dwelling, addition, or remodeling please contact Town Supervisor, Dennis Mitchell at 246-5514. Dennis will help you get the building process started and put you in contact with Todd. Driveway permits on township roads are issued by Dennis.

Building Inspections Fees are as follows:

A. New one and two family dwelling construction: $700.00 flat fee plus $.10 per square foot.
Plus $75.00 retained by the township for fire indictor number and town fees.

B. Modular or manufactured assembled home to be placed upon a permanent basement foundation shall be $500.00 flat fee plus $.10 per square foot. Plus $75.00 retained by the township for fire indicator number and town fees.
- Above (B-C) fees include the construction of attached structures that are part of the submitted plan, such as an attached garage, deck, patio, or porch.

C. Modular or manufactured assembled home to be placed upon a slab or non-permanent foundation shall be $350.00 flat fee.  Plus $75.00 to be retained by the township for fire indicator number & town fees.

D. Any building cost (additions, alterations, or remodeling) over $100,000 will be considered new constructuion (A-E) and measured according to the RS Means Standard if applicable.
Plus $20.00 to be retained by the township.

E. Any building cost (additions or remodeling) under $100,000 will be $50.00 per inspection for one and two family dwellings, number to be determined by the building inspector at plan review.  Measured according to the RS Means Standard if applicable.  Plus $20.00 to be retained by the township.

F. Re-inspection fee $50.00 for one & two family dwellings.